Corpora Hardware and Software

Here you can find some information on the basic elements of Corpora:

Corpora Software:

The Corpora software is a cross platform developed system which gathers date trough a dedicated network of wireless sensors from a given area, and then builds up a special grid of notation system points called Super-eyes. Based on the incoming data, the Smart Dust system of these sensors changes the shape of the virtual building-entity, Corpora.

Smart Dust sensors:

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), National Science
Foundation (NSF), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), such organization once
paid attention on the concept and product called smart dust. It is military
technology of surveillance. It has sensors and wire-less network function,very
small surely like dust as its name, it designed to survive in low battery
consumption, rather generate electric power by sunlight or vibration of its
surrounds. The mesh network function is pre-programmed. The collection
organize network by themselves, send and relay the captured environment
data. It is really smart and like dust. Then it watches big area without man. Corpora at the moment is using Zigbee Sensor Network to collect data.

from Corpora Concept book I

Zigbee Sensor Network:

ZigBee is the name of a specification for a suite of high level communication protocols using small, low-power digital radios based on the IEEE 802.15.4-2006 standard for wireless personal area networks (WPANs), such as wireless headphones connecting with cell phones via short-range radio. The technology is intended to be simpler and cheaper than other WPANs, such as Bluetooth. ZigBee is targeted at radio-frequency (RF) applications that require a low data rate, long battery life, and secure networking.                (via Wikipedia).

Also each sensor in the system of the Corpora acts as a Super-Eye notation point.

Augmented reality cameras:

Several cameras are set up outside observing the surrounding the target area.
The real-time camera images will be merged with the generated structure
images from corpora process. The parameters of 3D perspective draw, such as
view point direction, view angles, aspect and so on, are recalculated as same
as the camera image and set immediately.
This is 1 of our understandable and practiced way, to see the space, to see
how our conceptual process will appear in the real world. It should be
compared with Super eye space representation.
This time, we set 3 outdoor cameras and 3 indoor cameras for augmented
reality. 2 of the outdoor cameras are able to be controlled with touch panel
monitors, then audience can explore the structure process with changing the
view aspects.

From Corpora Conpect book I

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is a field of computer research which deals with the combination of real-world and computer-generated data. At present, most AR research is concerned with the use of live video imagery which is digitally processed and “augmented” by the addition of computer-generated graphics. Advanced research includes the use of motion-tracking data, fiducial marker recognition using machine vision, and the construction of controlled environments containing any number of sensors and actuators.
(via Wikipedia)

The Super Eye Notation system

“Project “Corpora ” decomposes the parts and the materials of buildings and reassembles them as an autonomous structures called “super-eyes”. In the 3D space of “Corpora”, “super-eyes” are sowed like seeds. Each “super-eye” scans whole degrees on polar coordinates and captures its environment.
It locates its position in space and clones itself. Genetic characteristics of the “super-eyes” are inherited by the offspring, allowing functions and structures to mutate. Finally, “Super-eyes” are endowed with the ability to self-assemble. This project is a proto-type of real building construction.”
Sota Ichikawa

Please check out the below animation to get a detailed model on Super-eye’s structure:

Below, you can see how would be  The Villa Savoy designed by the swiss moderinst architect Le Corbuiser  look like trough the Super eye view:

Villa Savoy seen trough the Super Eye view

The Original building of Villa Savoy (illustration posted to Flickr as Villa Savoye)

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