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First phase of maintenance

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Gyula Július, Curator of the Hungarian Pavilion and one of his assistant performed the first monthly maintenance during the last week of September on the Corpora in Si(gh)te installation in Venice. They have checked waterproof connections of the electronic cables, the isolation of the rooftop cameras, their wireless connection and antennas. They have also changed the batteries for the sensors, which tend to run out quite quickly.

What makes these maintenance sessions of Corpora in Si(gh)te really special is the fact that they are the only intervention the architect supposed to perform on the system while it is running. While the algorithm calculates the sensor date for a given period of time, and forms a structure, much like a plant growing out of the seed and surfaces from the soil. As we usually change the location of the “plant” according to not expose it to the sunlight too much or the opposite, or to simply add some more water to it, so does the Corpora system is “maintained”.

Sensor cells are renewed, structure re-analyzed, carrier stems checked, some more materials (energy) added and the building ready to develop further.

Screenshots and videos added

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Check out the newly added presentation videos on the history of Corpora in Si(gh)te in the Images and Videos menu.

You can also find some of the screen shots from one of the four Augmented Reality cameras attached to the neighborhooding pavilions and some images of the Corpora engine algorithm in action.